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The Hot List

tea_nomYes, I’m talking about Kindle Scout again! If you’ve missed my previous appeals for help in winning a publishing contract through this program and would like to know what the heck I’m talking about, read this.

My campaign for High Tea & Flip Flops is nearing the end—only four more days to go. So far, my book has been on the Hot List more days than not, but I need your help to keep it on the list for the big finish.

Reasons why you should nominate High Tea & Flip Flops:

  1. You love romantic comedy.
  2. You love getting a free book, which you will if Kindle Scout publishes it.
  3. You know I try always to support my fellow authors.
  4. You’ve learned something from my blog.
  5. You admire my perseverance in trying to get my writing out to the public.

Reasons why you should not nominate High Tea & Flip Flops:

  1. You think I’m a terrible writer.

But wait, you say, what if I don’t like reading romantic comedy? So what? Even if it’s not a book you’d like to read, but you think it’s worthy of being published, nominate it. If it shows up on your Kindle, give it to a friend or family member who will enjoy reading it.

So,  if you haven’t nominated High Tea & Flip Flops, may I ask why?

If you have already nominated my book, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And may I suggest you tell a friend to nominate it too? Here’s the link to my campaign page:


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