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Undeniably, Autumn



Undeniably, Autumn
looks a bit blowsy
at first glance, with wind-blown
hair of reds and golds and gaze of brazen blue.
You might well mistake her
for a fallen woman,
voluptuous and tipsy
with the fruit of her labors.
Her raucous laughter
takes you by surprise,
takes you into,
takes you under
her wings soar
on high, now you see
this is no slut, no slouch, no lazy woman
this is strength and honor,
her ease well-earned,
her vibrant abandon deserved,
her motherhood fulfilled,
the harvest plenty.
She’s come back to herself, discovered
her wealth of beauty
and let it fly free and frantic and furious,
one last, brief, all-out fiesta
before twilight bares all
in frosted moonlight,
and she rests.

©Linda Cassidy Lewis, 2010


12 thoughts on “Undeniably, Autumn”

  1. A beautiful, beautiful fall foliage and a poem to go with it. Very nice.

    A few months away, and so much has happened. I, too, was a little unhappy “Sleepy Hollow” wasn’t coming back. And, it seems “Person of Interest” may suffer from the same fate. But, of course, those two do not compare to your more compelling story. I do hope you are much better. Many blessings to you.


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