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A Book Not for the Faint of Heart

Well, my latest novel, Forever, launched today. It’s available for sale on Kindle and the softcover should also be available in the next day or two. This launch is a bit low-key for me because I think I may not have been clear about the book’s genre in previous posts. So far, the reviews on Amazon and private comments from a couple of readers have fallen into two extremes. I may have written my first love it or hate it book.

Forever_postOne reviewer called it “very twisted” and took offense at the “graphic” sexuality and “profanity.” So, yeah, be forewarned—Forever is not like my other novels! It’s not women’s fiction, it’s not romantic comedy, it’s horror. It’s a book not for the faint of heart.

But at its heart, Forever is the story of a marriage tested by extreme circumstances. It’s the story of a husband and father, a good man, blindsided by a demonic entity. It’s the story of an ill-fated couple from a past century reincarnated in the present. I think it’s a great story, but then … I’m a Stephen King fan.

Sound like your cup of tea? Then start reading now on your Kindle or free Kindle app. I know, like most of us, you have a to-be-read list a mile long, so I’ll appreciate your devoting a few hours’ time to Forever. And if you do read it, please support me by leaving an honest review on Amazon.

Thank you!


10 thoughts on “A Book Not for the Faint of Heart”

    1. Thank you, Darlene. 🙂 You know how it is, I’ve read this genre since I was twelve and always wanted to write it. Well, actually, I’ve written several unpublished short stories in the genre, but this is my first attempt at a novel.

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  1. I agree with Darlene. They’re not bad. Anytime an author switches genres people are going to get a little whiplash. Bravo for stepping out of the box and trying something different. People who like the genre will find it on amazon soon and I’m sure you’re going to get great reviews from them. You’re writing is always solid so I’m not worried.


    1. Thank you, Dana. 🙂 Oh sure, I expected to disappoint anyone who expected women’s fiction or romance. What’s funny is that all my books have profanity, but I’m pretty sure this is the first time someone’s mentioned that in a review.


  2. Linda thanks. I read your advance copy and it certainly is entirely different from the other two books I’ve read. Add my vote to the love it category.:)


  3. I started to read your book, but laid it down. Once my family emergency settles, hopefully I can get back to reading it. Of what I read, it sounds promising as a scary read. 🙂


  4. Glad to see that you are not only plugging along, but branching out. I’ve heard that leaving your comfort zone is the best way to grow/mature/develop/WHATEVER as a writer. (Not speaking from personal experience just passing along the hearsay.) However, I did want to say congratulations on another finished piece. Take care and best wishes for continued success!


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