49 Years Ago Today

8-31-67_cropWhen I was seventeen years old, my boyfriend enlisted in the army. This was in May of 1967, the Viet Nam war era. On the last day of August that year, we got married. Although I could have easily been accepted in college based on my grades, in my socio-economic class, most girls either went to work or got married after high school. So my choice was not a shock to anyone. The fact that we’re still together probably is.

My husband and I are not perfect people. We’ve encountered some serious bumps in our marriage, but we got over them. I’m not saying we’re better than others who married young and ended up divorced. Maybe we’ve just been blessed more. Maybe we’re both just more stubborn. Whatever the reasons, today is my 49th wedding anniversary, and I’m very happy to be able to say that.


10 thoughts on “49 Years Ago Today”

  1. You SHOULD be proud of your marriage! You have a great husband and all of those wonderful boys, d-I-l’s and grandchildren. Happy Anniversary Linda and Allen!!!!. Next year is the big one! It’s hard to believe we have known each other 55 years or so.

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