Roses and Reading

In my part of the world, it’s spring. The first of my roses to bloom this year was my Don Juan climber. I love its deep red blooms and lovely fragrance. With all the neglect I’ve given my roses in the last few years, ever since I started writing seriously, it’s a wonder they bloom at all. I appreciate their persistence.

I’m always energized by our spring weather … well, I’m energized until I realize how much work I should be doing in the house and garden. I’d always rather be writing, but sometimes other things pester me for attention. So, now that it’s warm enough again to have my windows open, I need to do more painting to complete the kitchen makeover I started last fall. And my office needs a major clearing out, which is probably the hardest job of all because I find too many books and papers to distract me. And then, of course, they spark ideas that beg me to sit back down at the keyboard.

I guess I’ll have to be as persistent as my roses.

Kindle Deals …

Kindle Press has put Love & Liability on sale during April for only $.99. If you haven’t read it yet, now is the time to buy it. And they’re also slashing the price of Forever to $.99 for one week starting tomorrow, Saturday, April 7. So now is the perfect time to add one romantic comedy and one supernatural thriller to your Kindle or Kindle App for less than $2!

And that’s not all …

If you’d like a FREE book, I have one of those for you too! The Silence in Noise is my collection of seventeen short stories. You can read brief descriptions of each story here. I’m giving away copies because I need more reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, so I hope you’ll enjoy reading the stories and feel moved to let others know.

Starting today, April 5, you can get a copy of The Silence in Noise absolutely free! This offer ends at midnight (EST) on April 10, so don’t delay. Download your copy today.

I wish you love and light and beautiful moments for yourself.

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