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During the last two years, it’s become increasingly difficult for me to put my thoughts into words. Terrible situation for a writer, yes? I’ve been working at a snail’s pace on two novels. I think about these stories constantly. I’ve even dreamed about the characters. And yet when I sit down to write, I struggle with the words.

So, here’s my tactic for this new year—blog. Share some words about something frequently. I’d like to share them daily, but that’s too ambitious. Definitely, I can do better than last year when I blogged exactly once! (I couldn’t believe that when I checked.)

Anyway. My theory is that if I ram the block between my thoughts and my words enough, it will finally break, and words will flow freely onto the page.

So today I’ve started with an easy one. During some of the time I couldn’t write, I read. Not every book I picked up was enjoyable, and time is too short to read books that don’t grab me, but last year I was lucky to discover some good books by new (to me) authors as well as read the latest by some faves.

And if you haven’t read the first book in my romantic comedy series, go get it now while it’s on sale for only $.99 and available widely at online retailers.

High Tea & Flip-Flops cover

7 thoughts on “Getting Wordy”

  1. Hi Linda, I can relate to your “problem” with words. I always admire authors who are just overflowing with words and ideas. I, on the other hand, have to dig for words. I sometimes feel like a worker in a mine, trying to dig and shovel away a bunch of dirt to get to something acceptable. LOL.

    Btw. I just got an email saying that Draft2Digital is acquiring Smashwords. Interesting. Not sure what this means for authors.

    Anyway, wishing you a Very Happy and productive New Year! Christa

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