I was born and raised in Indiana, but have lived most of the last twenty-nine years in the San Joaquin Valley of Central California with my high-school sweetheart husband. We have four sons and seven grandchildren.

Indiana and Central California are not much alike. Living in a desert/swamp area now, I will forever miss the dramatic summer thunderstorms and abundance of deciduous trees of Indiana. But it’s a trade-off; Indiana doesn’t have mountains or the ocean.

I’ve been an artist in one form or another all my life. For many years, I mainly expressed my creativity by drawing. Eventually, I began portrait painting first in graphite and then professional-grade colored pencil, with clientele in the U.S., Europe, and the U.K. From time to time, I’ve created a living art form by maintaining flower gardens. Beading jewelry was a recent artistic endeavor. Through it all, I’ve written, whether in the form of stories, novels, journals, dream diaries, twenty-page letters, my websites, blogs, or email. I write!



29 thoughts on “About”

  1. okay so maybe the books that were written about linda and lenny were not by you? if they are, are they out of print? i dont see you mention them at all. there was “all for the love of that boy”, “2 young 2 go 4 boys, and so many others i cant seem to member the titles of. but now im going to go dig them out andalso try to see if i still have your letters you wrote me! haha


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