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What if it’s the key to everything?

Like all writers, I jot down my brilliant thoughts when and wherever they come to me. Okay … I jot down my not-so-brilliant thoughts too. I've written these thoughts, of whatever degree, on scraps of paper, napkins, page margins, magazine subscriptions cards, even a mirror. I've yet to buy one of those nifty waterproof notepads for the shower, but… Continue reading What if it’s the key to everything?

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A Dream in the Dust

Today, while I edited, my husband was watching a documentary on the North American ecological disaster of the 1930s known as the Dust Bowl. I mostly blocked it out, but the mention of a woman writer caught my attention. Her name was Sanora Babb. In 1938 she worked for the Farm Security Administration in California… Continue reading A Dream in the Dust

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The fear and psychedelia of “vacationing”

I’m “vacationing” from my virtual life this week. Where I live, this is the last week of vacation before the school year begins, and I’m being visited by granddaughters. By the end of this week, I’ll have seen four of my five, and spent considerable time with two of them. With those two, it’s serious… Continue reading The fear and psychedelia of “vacationing”