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When the time is right

You never know what you’ll find when you clean house. I have now made it most of the way around my “workroom.” This is where I write, do genealogy research, make jewelry, draw, and do whatever else requires a big table or a computer. Every inch of this room is occupied. Also in this room… Continue reading When the time is right

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I believe in yesterday

No, I'm not going to wax eloquent on the time-space continuum, or time travel, or eternity, or any other concept of time as defined by physics, philosophy, or religion. I'm viewing time strictly from an egocentric point of view. My time. The trilogy of time—what was, what is, what shall be. Yesterday—I'm told the past… Continue reading I believe in yesterday

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World Enough and Time

I confess to being a poor time manager. When I started writing "full-time" eight months ago, I was in the midst of jewelry making and genealogy research … oh yes, and redecorating one of my bathrooms. All those projects are exactly where I left them. But here's the thing: progress on my novel is now… Continue reading World Enough and Time