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Keeping the Voices Straight

I love to write dialogue. I'd guess that in 87% of my scenes, I write the dialogue first and fill in the narrative later. So, deciding what my characters say is rarely a challenge, but making sure their voices are distinct and stay true is. Writing in both male and female voices is a challenge… Continue reading Keeping the Voices Straight

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I’ll tell you; you tell me

I have a serious writing post coming up next time, so stay tuned, but today it’s a free for all. Well, unless some of you would like to send me money. (Email me for my Paypal account info.) Anyway before I so rudely interrupted myself, I was saying … pretty much nothing. Never mind. Tip… Continue reading I’ll tell you; you tell me

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Practice makes perfect!

This photo has nothing to do with today’s post topic. I just wanted to share an amazing photo of two of the loves of my life. You’ve all been dying to know how my novel editing is going, right? (Aw, come on, pretend.) Surely, you’re not tired of the subject; My Topics shows I’ve only… Continue reading Practice makes perfect!

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She said what?!

In this round of novel editing, I discovered a problem caused by rearranging scenes. I was reading merrily along when I said to myself, “Wow, is Renee a bitch or what?” Granted Renee’s a little rough around the edges, and says pretty much what she thinks, but still. I didn’t believe she and Jalal knew… Continue reading She said what?!

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Lo and behold, my novel speaks!

In addition to all the editing I did daily while writing my novel, I have twice printed it out and gone through complete edits. With my third printing, I began audio recording. My purpose is to get a little distance and, in some respect, experience a “fresh” reading. But this experiment has resulted in a… Continue reading Lo and behold, my novel speaks!