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Change is Always Happening

Twice before, I've written posts about Dani Shapiro’s memoir, Devotion, and how it touched me. Now and then, I pick it up to re-read an entry at random. A few days ago, I read this: Change is always happening. So simple. So obvious, really—and at the same time so terrifying. A friend had recently sent… Continue reading Change is Always Happening

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Try to remember …

Memory, like many things, is often taken for granted—until it’s lost. My mother is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. She realizes it, but most of the time pretends it’s not happening. “Everyone forgets things,” she’ll say, but I can tell by her voice she knows what she’s forgotten is more serious than where she… Continue reading Try to remember …

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Floating aimlessly down the stream

Warning: today’s post is an exercise in stream of consciousness. I wrote a long post for today, but then decided it was too personal, probably better suited to an essay or even memoir. So now I’m left with no topic. Hence … The post I had written was about how it took most of my… Continue reading Floating aimlessly down the stream