In honor of the season.

SPRING Spring arrives in the breeze An impetuous, bright-eyed ingénue. Flinging riotous color on garden and trees, Spring arrives in the breeze, And if you listen, mid singing birds and buzzing bees, You will hear her giddy lilt bid winter adieu. Spring arrives in the breeze, An impetuous, bright-eyed ingénue. ©Linda Cassidy Lewis, 2010

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To October … the glorious beginning!

Listen … do you hear that? The birds, rejoicing at the cooler air, have started singing again. Yesterday, my breakfast consisted of hot chocolate and buttered toast. The leaves are only just beginning to turn colors where I live, but it won’t be long before they flash some autumnal glam.

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Out with the old, in with …

As you can see, this old pig blog is wearing a new dress. The font is smaller than on my old theme, but it’s hard to find a newer WordPress theme that isn’t hard on my eyes. Never fear. I use the Firefox add-on called NoSquint, which lets me enlarge the font on any webpage.… Continue reading Out with the old, in with …

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What is your writing worth?

Today, I’m thinking I should add another post category called Reality Check. But that might be too discouraging—to me as well as you. Even though I’ve been querying my novel for a while, it took Duotrope to make me say, “What was I thinking?” I made my decision to seek publication in ignorance. I had… Continue reading What is your writing worth?