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Thank you for your interest in my writing. On this page, you’ll find descriptions and links to my published work. I also show the progress of my novels in the works.

The Bay of Dreams Series

Spanning ten years, The Brevity of Roses explores the interwoven lives of three damaged people who are each offered a chance to heal–if they can banish the ghosts of their pasts.

Meredith Dahlberg-Lang hides behind a façade. In public, she’s a wealthy socialite. In private, she’s a lonely woman with a heart imprisoned by guilt after her husband’s death. But she can’t deny the longing she feels when a younger man seeks her attention.

Jalal Vaziri, after years of trying in vain to win his father’s approval, defies him by pursuing a new career. When he meets the woman of his dreams, his satisfaction is complete, but fate challenges his plan for a blissful future.

Renee Marshall, matured beyond her years by a hard life, heads for a fresh start in Los Angeles. But when car trouble detours her to a village on the central coast, she enters the life of a man whose fierce denial of the need to be loved matches her own.  Read More



A poignant exploration of marriage and motherhood, An Illusion of Trust is the story of a young woman who discovers that having her dreams come true can’t erase her nightmare past.

When Renee Marshall married Jalal Vaziri, she got all the love and security she craved. But now, with a baby on the way, she has to leave her perfect seaside cottage to move into the mansion Jalal shared with his beloved first wife—a woman Renee fears she’ll never completely replace. Unsettled by changes the relocation makes to her idyllic life, she allows her dark memories to resurface and feed her insecurity. With the threat of losing all she treasures, Renee will have to confront her past and learn to trust love.  Read More

The High Tea & Flip-Flops Series

She’s mellow SoCal. He’s high-society London. What could they possibly have in common?

Chelsea Cole is only one paycheck away from—OMG—moving back to her mother’s house, which would really suck because she’s trying to catch the eye of the gorgeous Brit who moved into the apartment above hers.

Jeremy Pearce is definitely not her usual blond and bronzed surfer type. He’s all sexy long hair, poet shirts, suede boots, and secrets. Lots of secrets. But how will she get close enough to solve the Jeremy puzzle if she keeps humiliating herself every time he’s around?  Read More


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Could sixteen days in London totally ruin her wedding plans?

Now that Chelsea Cole and Jeremy Pearce have gotten engaged, it’s only natural that she wants to travel to London to meet her future in-laws, right? Yeah, that’s the last thing Jeremy wants to happen. But when Chelsea gets her wish, she begins to find out why he wanted to avoid that meeting—and it becomes a toss-up whether the truth or Chelsea’s antics might be the biggest jeopardy to the whole wedding thing.  Read More

Supernatural Suspense


Forever is a long time to be loved…and hated.

Some think our lives are controlled by free will, others by fate. Forever is a haunting story exploring a third—and horrifying—force.

It’s not by chance that Tom Cogan notices Annie Garrett in a movie theater one summer night. Neither is it an accident when their hands touch and they share a dark psychic vision. She believes they’re seeing flashes of a shared past life. He fears he’s losing control of his mind. Both are right. Their lives have been hijacked by a malevolent spirit who’s waited nearly two centuries to get revenge. Trapped as a pawn in the demon’s demented game, Tom discovers he and Annie are not the only ones targeted for death.  Read More

Short Story Collection

This debut collection of literary short fiction offers fascinating, poignant, and often dark glimpses of people in critical moments. Among the wide array of characters you’ll meet are a spunky mountain girl with her eye on the city, a greedy con artist, a family dealing with the aftermath of a tragedy, a teen struggling to survive in a terrifying new world, and a woman dreaming her life away. Whether disturbing, strange, familiar, or heartbreaking, these seventeen stories will linger long after you turn the last page.

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Novels in Progress

  • Fish (working title) — women’s fiction
    36,452 words
    90,000 words


  • Tea3 (working title) — romantic comedy
    55,032 words
    60,000 words