Building Love

Sometimes perfect is what you least expect.

The front cover of Building Love

No one questions Brigid Marino’s loyalty. She’s lived her entire life in Edgewater, kept the same best friend since childhood, dated the same guy for years, and her beloved father’s tavern is the only place she’s ever worked. Brigid likes her life exactly as it is—perfect.

But an urban developer’s sudden arrival threatens to change everything about Edgewater—and disrupt Brigid’s perfect life. Her family’s business is at risk, and—after handsome and confident Alex Conner walks into her bar—so is her comfortable, long-term relationship. Falling for Alex’s charm, Brigid’s loyalties are put to the test as he tempts her to rethink her idea of perfection. Will Brigid trust him to help her to open her eyes to new possibilities?

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What readers like you are saying:  

I am reading and loving it right now! I even woke up at 3 am this morning to keep reading. I like Brigid. Great book.


This first book in the Edgewater series grabbed me and sucked me right in! I laughed, I cried, and when I got to then end I instantly knew I wanted more. The characters are perfectly flawed and believable, and Brigid was totally relatable. The writing is great, and the ending satisfying. A fun lighthearted and endearing read.


I adored this one. Her characters are well thought out and believable, she always writes a heroine worth cheering for, and her dialogue and prose are relatable. Can’t wait for her next release!

I really enjoyed the book. It’s free-flowing, moves at a steady pace and the characters are all totally believable.