Midnight Love

In romance, when opposites attract, it’s the differences that make love perfect.

midnight love blogRoxy Ostrowski never dreamed that at thirty she’d have zero love life, be jealous of her BFF, and lose the best job she ever had. Life can only go uphill from here, right?

Wrong. She’d enjoy her new job tending bar in the neighborhood tavern if not for Jack Matthews. Roxy’s nicknamed him “Grim” because he never smiles and barely speaks to her no matter how much she tries to charm him. Then one night, Jack reveals he’s actually warm and personable. Who knew?

As Roxy gets to know Jack better, she’s confident they’re becoming more than just friends. So imagine her shock when an unexpected encounter leads her to conclude she couldn’t have been more wrong.

But why won’t her stubborn heart let go of the feeling she and Jack were meant to have a happy ending?

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