Open & Honest (Sometimes)

Just when you think you've got it all under control, life happens.Open & Honest (Sometimes) cover

Chelsea Cole Pearce has a Perfect Life Plan: get married, buy a house, and have a baby. Two down, one to go—and she and Jeremy are eagerly working on that third one. (And loving it.) While he’s writing his literary novel, she’s writing romance and designing her dream nursery. Life in the Pearce household is totally awesome—until it’s not.

The road to happily ever after is bumpier than Chelsea anticipated, and she’s trying not to freak out. But her talent for jumping to wild conclusions coupled with their difficulty being open and honest with each other complicates matters. Now Chelsea must devise a new plan to get their life back on track … or else.

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What readers like you are saying:  

Another delightful book featuring Chelsea, an ordinary American girl, and Jeremy, an upper-class British guy. Coming from opposite sides of the Atlantic, there are many misunderstandings, even though, or especially since, they are now married. And they have different goals, or do they? A fun read as these two try to settle into married life, the prospect of parenthood and changes in the lives of their parents and friends. If only they could be more open and honest with each other. But that’s not always easy. A realistic and humorous look at relationships, which this author is excellent at portraying.


“This third book in the High Tea & Flip-Flops series continues the ever interesting twists and turns in Chelsea & Jeremy’s relationship. A new home, a baby on the way and other changes make for the sometimes volatile but always loving journey of this young couple. Such a good read for all previous and new fans of Linda Cassidy Lewis.”


“In this latest installment Chelsea and Jeremy are married and new first time homeowners. What comes next? Having a baby. But things never come easily for Chelsea and Jeremy. A string of misunderstandings makes happily ever after harder to achieve. I enjoy the humor in this series and reading about the ins and out of Chelsea’s and Jeremy’s romance.”


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