The Silence in Noise and Other Stories

Got a few minutes to explore another life?

Once again proving the versatility of her writing skills, Lewis’ collection of short fiction offers glimpses of ordinary people in critical moments. Among the wide array of characters are a spunky mountain girl with her eye on the city, a greedy con artist, a family dealing with the aftermath of a tragedy, a teen struggling to survive in a terrifying new world, and a woman dreaming her life away. Whether disturbingly strange or heartbreakingly familiar, these seventeen stories will linger long after you turn the last page.

  • Balance: After tragedy strikes a close-knit family, a grieving father’s inability to cope leads to a horrifying resolution.
  • Straightening the Curves: Nicole made a bad choice when she married Russell. Yet when she finally leaves him, it’s to his family she runs.
  • Unspeakable Words: A young woman receives soul-shattering news.
  • A Beautiful Man: James is only a small-time con artist until he meets the wealthy Ann. You’d think he’d be satisfied with his new Manhattan lifestyle, but James has a wandering eye and a greedy heart.
  • A Heart Next to Mine: Jesse fled a dreaded future underground in the coal mines, but two decades later, he’s a solitary man, emotionally buried just as deeply.
  • A Meditation: A cynical woman rejects the possibility that something good is happening to her.
  • My Name is Amy Walls: When Amy awakens one Sunday morning to a terrifying new world, her struggle to survive begins.
  • Ambition: Kelly Jean is determined to get out of Mossy Creek. Unfortunately, her boyfriend doesn’t much care for her plan.
  • Act in Haste: Stan sees himself as a stand-up guy, but a strange encounter late one night leads to a different judgment.
  • Blood Relation: Janine is a tormented mother who lashes out with tragic consequences.
  • Existence: In the near future, strict governmental rules severely impact the life of a teen.
  • Better Left Alone: Newly divorced, Teresa succumbs to temptation when her teen heartthrob claiming to have never forgotten her reaches out.
  • Perchance to Dream: All is not as it seems when Nina prefers to spend her time dreaming of a man who is not her husband.
  • Secrets and Shadows: An unusual shadow embodies a child’s fears.
  • The Tisserand Phenomenon: The secret to phenomenal success for one New England family’s business lies deeper than anyone imagines.
  • Sight Unseen: Elise’s decision to meet a man she’s known only online ends in surprise.
  • The Silence in Noise: Beth’s drive to be the perfect mother has devastating repercussions.

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What readers like you are saying:  

Linda Cassidy Lewis is truly a gifted storyteller and these little gems prove my point. Each short story has it’s own twist – some spiral into real life and some with jaw-dropping endings. I treated myself to a story before bed and a story when I woke up, in order to savor each one.

This is a great collection of short stories with entertaining twists. I highly recommend it.


I read and reread this great find—in 3 days. Love Cassidy’s short stories. She wastes no time with lots of unimportant details! My opinion is …SATISFYING.