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To October … the glorious beginning!

Listen … do you hear that? The birds, rejoicing at the cooler air, have started singing again. Yesterday, my breakfast consisted of hot chocolate and buttered toast. The leaves are only just beginning to turn colors where I live, but it won’t be long before they flash some autumnal glam.

For most of the Northern Hemisphere, October signals the true end of summer, but October is my birthday month, so it’s always heralded a beginning for me. At my age, I don’t look forward to tallying up one more birthday, except to give thanks that I made it through another year, so I’ll focus on a beginning.

Let this be the beginning of the year I finally get it all together. Let this be the year I gather my harvest. Let this be the year I cease my struggling to be, and just BECOME.

I leave you with one version of my poem in honor of the season epitomized by October.


Undeniably, Autumn
looks a bit blowsy
at first glance, with wind-blown hair
of reds and golds and gaze of brazen blue.
You might well mistake her
for a fallen woman,
voluptuous and tipsy
with the fruit of her labors.
Her raucous laughter
takes you by surprise,
takes you in,
takes you under
her wings, soar
on high now you see
this is no slut, no slouch, no lazy woman,
this is strength and honor,
her ease well-earned,
her vibrant abandon deserved,
her motherhood fulfilled,
the harvest plenty.
She’s come back to herself, discovered
her wealth of beauty
and let it fly free and frantic and furious,
one last, brief, all-out fiesta
before twilight bares all
in frosted moonlight,
and she rests.

©Linda Cassidy Lewis, 2010

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It’s always great at the beginning!

I’ve started a new novel. Ta da! Beginnings are always fun … and exciting. You just know it’s going to be the best thing you’ve ever written. In fact, it’s going to be brilliant. You’ll have a perfect blend of plot and sub-plot; your characters will be so real you wouldn’t be surprised to meet them on the street; the beginning will captivate, the middle will amaze, and the ending will linger in the reader’s heart and mind. Your book will do nothing less than astound the publishing industry!

But seriously, folks …

snoopy-typingThe idea for this book is one I’ve had for years. At the time I made preliminary notes, I imagined it as a short story, but now it seems better suited to a novel. We’ll see. If I get to 10,000 words and the story runs out, then hey, I’ve written a short story.

It’s not the book I thought I would write next. I had planned to rewrite my first novel sans the horror/paranormal element. But maybe the horror genre is about to blaze hot again and I’ll have a novel (with some editing) already good to go.

In any case, I’m writing. And this time, I’m trying not to edit too much while I write … I said trying. I know I have topics to research, and I may not be starting at the right point, and to be honest, I don’t even know what viewpoint I’m writing in—is it simple third or omniscient? I’ll figure it out soon, but for now I’m having fun.

Oh, and somebody smack me, if I start worrying about how I’ll categorize this novel!