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Spaghetti Gone Wild

Yesterday, in a Tweet to Kayla Olson, I described the state of my chapter-in-revision as spaghetti gone wild. Switching the order of the scenes had seemed a simple task. I had four scenes to deal with: one moves down, two move up, one stays in last place. No big deal. Next step: write/revise the narrative… Continue reading Spaghetti Gone Wild

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Sunday Stew

Today’s post is a soup, a stew, a mélange, because I’m thinking in bits and pieces. I love soups and stews, by the way, with a good, crusty loaf of bread. Unless it’s my curried lentil stew or my lemon chicken orzo, which I serve with pita. Does anyone have a recipe for Jamaican pumpkin… Continue reading Sunday Stew

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Inspiration any way

Early last summer, I had a dream with a situation that gave me the idea for my current work. I had my characters, but I didn't enough about them to start writing. At that same time, I was addicted to playing Bejeweled 2. It was during these sessions I first heard my character Jalal speak… Continue reading Inspiration any way