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When the wall comes crumbling down …

Excuse the brief post today. I’ve been stalled on finishing my novel for a few weeks now. At some point, my mind erected a wall between me and my story. I’ve tried to force through it resulting in copious use of the delete key the next day. I’ve tried ignoring it resulting in many blog… Continue reading When the wall comes crumbling down …

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Dreaming the truth …

Saturday night I dreamed I had a beautiful house, in the woods, filled with happy children … until the bear appeared ... inside the house. I was the only adult in the place. It was up to me to protect everyone. Okay, you say, but what does this have to do with writing? This dream… Continue reading Dreaming the truth …

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Ignorance stays out of your way

My last post concerned the idea that where you write can affect how you write. This post voices my overwrought opinion that what you know can affect how you write. In other words, sometimes knowledge can hogtie you, where ignorance lets you run free. I wrote my first novel in six months. Certainly, it needs… Continue reading Ignorance stays out of your way

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Pain, loss of words, and nudity

I spent the weekend sitting in my husband’s leather chair. It doesn’t fit me, my feet don’t reach the floor when I sit in it and the back is too high, but it’s the only chair I can sit in without pain. For the past two days, I’ve had a pinched nerve, disk, something, that… Continue reading Pain, loss of words, and nudity

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I Can’t Hear You

Today, I will clean my house--for two reasons. Thanksgiving is four days away and my house will be full of family who, I'm sure, would appreciate not vying for space with stacks of books, toys, craft supplies, and pet fur ... oh yes, and my shoes scattered wherever I stepped out of them! The second reason I… Continue reading I Can’t Hear You