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Got a few minutes to spare?

2013finalist-tinySix weeks ago, I announced that my novel The Brevity of Roses had been named a finalist in the Best of the Independent eBook Awards. Now, I’m reminding you there are only four days left to vote. But not only am I asking for your vote, I’m giving you a pictorial to show you how to do it. (Images courtesy of author Lisa Regan. More about her at the end of this post.)

Have you already voted for another book? No worries, you can vote for one book in each category! My book is a finalist in the General/ Mainstream Fiction Category.

STEP 1. Go HERE and register.

efest 001


The Captcha thing–hit play and a phrase will come up along the bottom of the video after 2-4 seconds.  Type that in.

After you agree to the terms and hit submit, you’re actually DONE.  It will take you to a page that says, “You’re almost finished . . . ”  THAT’S AN AD.  You don’t actually have to do anything there.  So close out the page.


efest 003 


 efest 004

STEP 2.  Then go HERE to the Awards Hall to vote. Or after you click PORTAL, look for this and click on the words AWARDS HALL:

efest 002



The General/Mainstream Fiction category is the second listed in the Awards Hall and if you click on it, you’ll see THE BREVITY OF ROSES as the first entry. Just click beside it to vote. Thank you very much!

41Dx9SyihRL-199x300BUT WAIT, while you’re there, why not vote for another book? Since Lisa Regan graciously loaned me her screen caps, but mostly because her book has 73 reviews on Amazon and 63 of them are 5 stars! please consider voting for Lisa Regan’s suspense novel FINDING CLAIRE FLETCHER in both the Best Novel and the Best Hero/Heroine categories.

I hope you’re enjoying your last days of summer … or winter if you’re on the opposite side of earth from me.


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Yes, we have a title … I think

I’m ridiculously indecisive. How many times have you gone out to dinner with friends or family and the same person is always the last to order because she can’t make up her mind? Yeah, that’s me. No matter what I choose, I’m always certain something else would have tasted better. Unfortunately, indecision plays a role in much of my life.

As you know, I’ve had a heck of a time deciding on a title for my next novel. I collected possible titles and looked at that list daily, even trying them out on cover mock-ups. I tossed a few out to a couple of writer friends. I mentioned some of them to my husband. I considered taking a vote on this blog, but I knew I’d have to go with my choice in the end, and if it wasn’t what the majority of you chose, I’d feel guilty.

“Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.” ― Maya Angelou

That quote works well with my book’s theme. Renee lost trust at an early age, but she never lost hope someone would love her. Now someone does, but can she trust it? Hmmm, that sounds like a hook or teaser. I’ve been working on those as I gather courage to tackle writing the book description, which for me is harder than writing the book.

In this sequel to The Brevity of Roses, Renee discovers that even when your dreams come true your nightmares remain.


In this sequel to The Brevity of Roses, Jalal and Renee’s love story continues, but for how long? Jalal’s keeping secrets, and Renee fears they involve the other woman who’s vying for his attention.


Renee believed marriage to Jalal would end her fears, but now that she’s a mother, Jalal’s keeping secrets, and another women is vying for his attention her nightmares have only intensified.


Something entirely different. Something compelling.

Oh yes, back to the title of this “amazing book” to quote a brilliant writer who doubled as my alpha reader. The title will be An Illusion of Trust … I think.

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A belated anniversary and a giveaway!

This time a year ago, I spent the days swinging from elation to terror. The Brevity of Roses had just been published, and my talent, or any lack of it, was on display to the whole world. One moment I felt proud of myself, and the next I was aghast at my audacity. To be honest, a year later, I still have my swinging days.

One difference is that, now, I’m better at separating the Author from myself, though maybe not in the way you might think. I’m the one that writes, but that person with her name on the front cover—the Author? Well, I try not to think about her much. She’s useless at the keyboard. I let her check the sales stats and reviews.

This separation has made me feel I’m waking from a long sleep. I’m excited about writing again. I have two books in the works—a short story collection and a novel. My Muse speaks to me regularly.

And to celebrate Brevity’s one year anniversary, I’m giving away a signed print copy!

To those of you who know nothing about The Brevity of Roses, you can click the cover photo to read more about it. Here’s the bit from the back cover:

Told in gorgeous, poetic tones, The Brevity of Roses will take you on a journey delving into three unique characters as delicate and beautiful as a rose itself. Lewis’ rich understanding of relationships is phenomenal.” – Michelle Davidson Argyle, author of Monarch

Grief, discovery, anguish, pleasure, rejection, acceptance, atonement, forgiveness—the rhythmic odes of marriage, friendship, family. A fine debut novel that reaches deep into a poet’s beating heart, lays it open, vulnerable to the bitter betrayals, and the joyful loyalties, of this thing we call Love.” – Kathryn Magendie, author of the Graces Sagas, Sweetie and Petey, publishing editor of Rose & Thorn.

Jalal Vaziri has looks, money, women—and a habit of running from reality. When he abandons New York and reinvents himself as a poet in a California beach house, he thinks he’s running from a father who hates him, a career mistake, and endless partying. A fresh start is all he needs. After an intriguing woman enters his life, he believes all his dreams are coming true, but too soon, that dream dissolves into nightmare. Jalal flees again. Only this time, a woman blocks his retreat and challenges him to finally face the truth about what he’s trying to outrun.

The usual rules apply.  You can have up to five chances to win! Leave a comment below to enter your name once in the drawing. If your email address is not linked in your avatar, be sure to add it in your comment. If you Tweet, Facebook, or Google+ a link to this post, your name will be entered again for each mention.  LIKE my Facebook page (click the link in the sidebar) and your name will be entered yet again. (You’ll have to let me know you’re eligible for these other entries.)

The contest will close at 8pm PST on Sunday, April 22nd. The winner will be chosen by and announced in Monday’s blog post. Sorry, but because of prohibitive shipping costs, this contest is open to U.S. and Canadian residents only.

Let the contest begin!

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The Brevity of Roses is free on Amazon!

Today and tomorrow, February 23 and 24, the digital version of my novel The Brevity of Roses is FREE at Amazon. REMEMBER, you don’t have to own a Kindle to read a Kindlebook. Amazon provides a free Kindle reader app for your PC, Mac, smartphone, or iPad.

If you haven’t read Brevity yet, here’s your chance to get it free. If you have read it, PLEASE spread the word about this promotion. I’m excited. Brevity is all dressed up in its beautiful new cover and waiting to be read. I want to see the book rise to the top of the Amazon ranks in its categories. If you tell your family and friends, on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and anywhere else you can think of about this giveaway, I will be eternally grateful.

Am I being melodramatic? Yes, I am. I really need this promotion to work. There are millions of books for sale on Amazon, so even though mine has a 4.6 star rating, it’s virtually INVISIBLE. With this promotion, I can make its existence known to thousands of readers who would love it.

Deep breath. Here we go!