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Who are the stars of your book?

The probability of any of my novels ever making it to the big screen—or even the small one—is remote. Considering some of the horrible book adaptations I’ve seen, that may be a blessing. But I’m not waiting on Hollywood anyway. I’ve already cast mine.

Actually, I’ve recast them. When I started the first draft of The Brevity of Roses, I visualized certain actors as some of the characters, but by the time I finished, those had changed. I expect you also visualize the characters you read and write about.

Do you see them as celebrities, people you know in real life, or do you use the details given in the book to conjure your own images? Maybe you use a combination. Maybe you see only vague images. While I wrote Brevity, I could never see Renee’s face clearly. I saw brief glimpses, but could never hold on to the image.

Do you prefer an author to describe their characters in exacting detail or leave some things to your imagination? (I prefer to use my imagination.)

Are you ever disappointed in the casting when you see a movie adaptation of a novel you’ve read? (Yes. And it takes me a while to adjust my brain. It never did for Interview with the Vampire.)

If you’re a writer, do you ever wonder how readers visualize your characters? (I do, so if you’ve read anything of mine and would like to share who you saw as my characters, please share.)