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Decisions, decisions, decisions

Life is all about choices. If there is a common theme in my writing, it would be that. In fact, my curiosity about why people do the things they do, is why I write.

Left or right?

Certainly, the three main characters in my novel The Brevity of Roses must each face a major choice presented to them. Ironically, one of my characters, whose field of study was cultural anthropology, least understands herself and becomes emotionally imprisoned by letting others make choices for her.

A few days ago, I looked through an old file folder and found this poem I wrote in 2005. It’s theme? Choice.


I have stood on the brink,
but did not leap.
Could not.
I have stepped back
and fled to live
in fear.
To exist.


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When it rains, it pours

morton_saltI’m sure most of you recognize the Morton Salt logo. The second “it” in that catch phrase refers to the salt, but in this post title it refers to the number of story ideas I’ve had lately. A month ago, I lamented that I had no idea what to write next. Then I found some old notes I’d written for a story and decided to try expanding the idea to novel length. Soon after, NaHoCleMo started and I haven’t managed to write much.

What I have had time to do, while I’ve been cleaning, is think. In looking over the files on the disk I found “lost” in my supply closet, I saw how many of those stories or ideas were darker than what I’ve been writing in the past year and a half. And then I saw a good horror movie and now my mind is swirling with dark ideas. I had a new one just yesterday when I took a nap. Now I have to make a decision whether to develop one of those ideas as a horror novel or keep working on the literary novel I started. Another option is to keep working on the literary novel and develop some of the new ideas into short stories. Then, of course, I could just go back to my original plan to edit my first horror novel.

Yeah, when it rains, it pours. Tell me, how do you choose what to write next?