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The Writing on the … Mirror

When my husband changed clothes after work the other night, he walked out of the bedroom and asked, “Why do you have ‘eyes’ and ‘whole world’ written on the bathroom mirror? The answer, of course, was simple. A great line had come to me while I showered, so I had written those words with eyeliner as a reminder!

Are we writers ever not writing? Don’t you all have plot ideas, titles, and bits of dialogue written on paper scraps, notebooks, or napkins? Is part of your brain rephrasing dialogue as you watch a movie, or line editing as you read a novel, or screeching every time you run across a typo online? Do you weigh the short story value of anecdotes shared in conversation? Does that panhandler in the median inspire a poem? Did that women behind you in line just spout the funniest line of dialogue you’ve heard in ages?

Hmmm … are we writers all suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder?