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The #1 Killer of Creativity

For me, perfectionism is the #1 killer of creativity. Nothing I do ever meets my standards. Sometimes I lie and pretend I’m satisfied with the results. Sometimes I remember not to point out every fault and just smile and say thank you when I receive praise, but even when I do, I’m thinking of those… Continue reading The #1 Killer of Creativity

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Dreams, daydreams, and nightmares

We write fiction because we are dreamers. Whether we dream by day or night, whether our dreams are sweet or nightmarish, our stories and novels come from that place where real and imagined combine. At the mere mention of that place, some of us may drift off to ponder the nature of reality. Before long,… Continue reading Dreams, daydreams, and nightmares

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If wishes were novels …

On her blog, Cynthia Newberry Martin recently spoke of wishful thinking and my comment to her was this: Wishes are hopes, and hope is the carrot on the stick that keeps us moving forward in life. Hope is what keeps us alive. So my answer to the question: what would we do without wishful thinking?… Continue reading If wishes were novels …