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What does this tell you?

All right, the polls are closed and we have a new President … no, wait … that was a different vote. Maybe it’s my virus-addled brain today, but I’m not sure what to say about the results of the last polls. I wasn’t surprised to see that most of us write some type of fiction. We imaginative types seem to gravitate together. I was a little surprised that none of you claimed to ever write straight non-fiction (which is why that poll result is missing.) Of course, the creative non-fiction total got a boost from the addition of the blogging category.

 I cast my votes in literary, women’s fiction, and blogging. I could have cast a vote in horror, which is what I used to write, but I’m not sure I want to write than any longer. I also would have cast a vote for short stories, but I don’t feel I’ve written a successful one yet. However, if the rest of you voted for more than one category, that would indicate that a considerable few less people participated in this polling than voted in the original poll. Sniff, sniff, am I losing my audience?

 If you’d care to step up and claim your votes in a comment, please do. And do come back later for my next post in which I reveal how blogging can lead to public embarrassment.

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The Tuesday Topic

tuesdayChange of pace today. I usually leave you with one question, but today I have ten … TEN! So, get your interactive boots on. You must … simply MUST speak back to me today. If you don’t, I’ll cry and that really messes up my keyboard.

The inspiration for these brilliant questions (really, aren’t they blinding you?) came from an article I read discussing what degree of creativity is motivated by nature vs. nurture. This poll is all very scientific and the only acceptable excuse for not responding, is that you’re not a writer at all.

1. Were there many books in your childhood home?
2. Were you read to you as a child?
3. Are/were your parents avid readers?
4. Are there other writers in your family?
5. Have you always channeled your creativity into writing?
6. What other creative talents do you have?
7. Do you believe you were born to be a writer?
8. Do you have an MFA?
9. Do you write with the goal of publication?
10. Are you already published?