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Who knew brevity could take so long?

On this blog, I’ve been chronicling my progress in writing my novel The Brevity of Roses. I announced that it was finished … more than once! Last week, I told you that Kayla had been beta-reading for me and the feedback was mostly positive. Well, this week she finished the last three chapters. Unfortunately, this… Continue reading Who knew brevity could take so long?

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Blinded by the words

As I near the end of my final pre-agent editing round, I fear I am only tinkering. Not long ago, one of my critique partners warned me to beware of editing “just to make it different, not better.” I think I’m at that point now. Five fellow writers have read and critiqued this entire novel.… Continue reading Blinded by the words

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Practice makes perfect!

This photo has nothing to do with today’s post topic. I just wanted to share an amazing photo of two of the loves of my life. You’ve all been dying to know how my novel editing is going, right? (Aw, come on, pretend.) Surely, you’re not tired of the subject; My Topics shows I’ve only… Continue reading Practice makes perfect!

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Lo and behold, my novel speaks!

In addition to all the editing I did daily while writing my novel, I have twice printed it out and gone through complete edits. With my third printing, I began audio recording. My purpose is to get a little distance and, in some respect, experience a “fresh” reading. But this experiment has resulted in a… Continue reading Lo and behold, my novel speaks!

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Once more, from the top …

If you recall, last Monday I promised myself I wouldn’t touch my manuscript for a week. I made it six and a half days. It was a long six and a half days. I thought a lot about my book. I felt lost without it. I was anxious. Then, I read a blog discussion at… Continue reading Once more, from the top …