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Illusion and Critique

A bit of news in today’s post. First, since I told you all that my novel An Illusion of Trust was a finalist for a 2014 Best of the Independents eBook Award, I thought I should post an update. As you can see from the graphic, the book won in the General Fiction category!

2014win2If you voted, thank you. If you didn’t vote, maybe you’ll consider reading it. You can use the Look Inside feature or download the Kindle sample here.

This is also the day I submitted my first pages to a new critique group. I believe I mentioned, almost a year ago, that I was taking a Women’s Fiction Writers Association workshop on critique to be placed in a group. Unfortunately, that first group didn’t work out. But now I’m in another group which looks promising.

I’ve worked in live critique groups before, so this online group will be a new experience. We’ve proposed to have discussions via video chat though, so I guess it’s sort of a hybrid. Of course, you know from my last post that I’ll be anxious about the chat thing, but I’m determined to do it.

I’ve now produced three and a third novels without benefit of feedback throughout the writing process, and I’m not in favor of that. I’d prefer to have confidence that when I send my work to my beta readers, it’s nearly polished not something that might need major revision.

To me, it makes sense to have a problem pointed out before it’s been multiplied throughout an entire novel. If several writers agree that there’s a problem with voice or tone or plot, I’d rather consider that change early on.

Speaking of critique, my romantic comedy is out for feedback from a friend and former critique partner. I planned this to be a shorter novel than my first two, but the word count ended up less than I intended, so maybe she’ll be able to point out ways to add length. I don’t want to pad it with filler, of course, but I sometimes forget to put everything I “see” on the page. Then again, maybe it’s meant to be a short, fun read.

As I wait for feedback on my paranormal and my rom-com novels, I’ll continue my women’s fiction WIP. Next year is going to be BIG for me.

Whatever you’re doing this week, I wish you well.



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My book is a finalist!

2014finalistI’m happy to announce that my novel An Illusion of Trust is a finalist for the 2014 eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBooks Awards in the Best General Fiction category. And I need your help to win. I’m asking you to vote for my book.

You have to register before you can vote. It’s completely free, of course. If you registered to vote last year and still remember your login, you’re all set. Please vote for An Illusion of Trust in the General Fiction category. (And remember, you can vote once in each category.)

Some people have found registering a little confusing, particularly when they got to the “reveal code” part. But don’t worry,  I’m making it easier for you with screen shots!

1. Go to the eFestival of Words site. (Clinking the link, will open a new tab or window, so you’ll still be able to see these instructions.)

2. You will arrive at the portal page. If you’re not registered, the first step is to register. (See arrow in image below.) If you are registered, login and skip to #5.



3. On the next page you’ll fill in your name, email, etc. and below that is the “reveal codes” section. (This is like a Captcha to verify you’re a real person.) Most people see an image, usually asking you to pick one answer (like image 1). When you do that, code words will be revealed and you’ll type them in the edit box. Then scroll down to check the user agreement and Submit. (See images below.)

Some people have to click to play a video and the code words pop up after a couple of seconds (you can type in the words as soon as they appear). Some people have been lucky and got one of the reveal code images with the code words already revealed (like image 2) and you only have to type them in. And others have seen an image asking a question such as “Which one is yellow?” If you see such an image, you’ll also see an arrow at the end of the edit box (where you type the code words) click it and the answer to the question (“yellow submarine”) will appear in a drop down box.





4. Next you see a page with offers from sponsors. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SELECT ANY!!!


5. After that you’ll be taken to a Thank You page and you’ll automatically be logged in. Click the word Portal at the top of the page. That will take you to the page pictured below. Click the words Congratulations to the 2014 Finalists! (See arrow.)



6. That will take you to the page of categories. Scroll down to Best General Fiction and click to vote. (See image below.) On the next page you’ll find An Illusion of Trust, Linda Cassidy Lewis (Two-Four-Six Publishing)  which you will select and then click the Submit Vote button.



That’s it, you’re done! And I thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to vote for my book.


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Got a few minutes to spare?

2013finalist-tinySix weeks ago, I announced that my novel The Brevity of Roses had been named a finalist in the Best of the Independent eBook Awards. Now, I’m reminding you there are only four days left to vote. But not only am I asking for your vote, I’m giving you a pictorial to show you how to do it. (Images courtesy of author Lisa Regan. More about her at the end of this post.)

Have you already voted for another book? No worries, you can vote for one book in each category! My book is a finalist in the General/ Mainstream Fiction Category.

STEP 1. Go HERE and register.

efest 001


The Captcha thing–hit play and a phrase will come up along the bottom of the video after 2-4 seconds.  Type that in.

After you agree to the terms and hit submit, you’re actually DONE.  It will take you to a page that says, “You’re almost finished . . . ”  THAT’S AN AD.  You don’t actually have to do anything there.  So close out the page.


efest 003 


 efest 004

STEP 2.  Then go HERE to the Awards Hall to vote. Or after you click PORTAL, look for this and click on the words AWARDS HALL:

efest 002



The General/Mainstream Fiction category is the second listed in the Awards Hall and if you click on it, you’ll see THE BREVITY OF ROSES as the first entry. Just click beside it to vote. Thank you very much!

41Dx9SyihRL-199x300BUT WAIT, while you’re there, why not vote for another book? Since Lisa Regan graciously loaned me her screen caps, but mostly because her book has 73 reviews on Amazon and 63 of them are 5 stars! please consider voting for Lisa Regan’s suspense novel FINDING CLAIRE FLETCHER in both the Best Novel and the Best Hero/Heroine categories.

I hope you’re enjoying your last days of summer … or winter if you’re on the opposite side of earth from me.


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The Brevity of Roses is a Finalist!

2013finalist-200x197In May, I told you that my novel The Brevity of Roses had been nominated for The eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards. Today, I’m happy to announce it’s been chosen as a finalist in the General Fiction (Mainstream Fiction) category. Now, the voting begins.

I’m asking, pleading, imploring, begging you to vote for my book. Please, pretty please with a cherry on top. It will cost you nothing but only a couple of minutes of the rest of your life, but it will make me very happy.

Below are the voting instructions courtesy of Julie Dawson. Please note the bolded section in step 1.

Voting instructions:

1. You must be registered at the eFestival of Words to vote. Registration is free. Please note, after you hit “Submit” your registration is complete. You don’t have to do anything with the ad that shows up after you click “Submit.” Some people think this is part of the registration process. It isn’t. The ads help pay for the site so feel free to check them out if you like, but you are not required to do anything with them. It’s just the way the forum is set up. [ED. look for the tiny NO THANKS to opt out.]

2. Once you are registered, go the Awards Hall.

3. Each category has a separate thread in the Awards Hall where readers can discuss the finalists. Click on the category you want to vote in, and then enter your vote!

4. Please note, only one vote per member. Multiple accounts for purposes of voting prohibited.

Voting begins today. So go. Please. And thank you for your support! 


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What Dreams Are Made Into

nomineecircle_smI’m guest posting today at Tales of the Sith Witch because my novel The Brevity of Roses is a nominee for the 2013 eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards. In my post, I talk about how one dream fulfilled another dream. Read that post.

By the way, I’ve been told that comments left there do not appear. You’re welcome to leave one here though.