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They’re all going to laugh at you!

Two years ago, I had lost all contact with other writers. I didn't have a Facebook, Twitter, or WordPress account. I had never even read a blog! But I was back to spending several hours a day writing, and I needed someone who could relate. So, I googled for a critique group in my area.… Continue reading They’re all going to laugh at you!

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Who do you trust?

Because I have a surplus of questions, but a dearth of answers, I’d like to trade a few of the first for more of the second. The big question today is: who do you trust to read your writing? But that’s too simple, so I’m going to complicate things with qualifiers. I’m curious about how… Continue reading Who do you trust?

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Too much information!

I have read too many writing manuals. For now, my brain cannot process any more how-to advice. It's likely a few skipped my mind when I compiled this list, but in full or in part, I have read these books in the last year: On Writing by Stephen King On Becoming a Novelist by John… Continue reading Too much information!

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A Tapestry of Writers

When I started blogging, I knew only two other writers who blogged, then I coerced a third to join in. After a short while, I got the hunger for more writers' blogs to read. If WordPress bloggers use tags on their posts, they are sorted into categories viewable at the main “dashboard.” As soon as… Continue reading A Tapestry of Writers

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Grab a spoon and a hunk of bread!

Today I’m serving up another Sunday Stew, which I guess is a strange dish for Sunday … at least the way I was raised. We always had a nice big Sunday dinner. But today I’m just blogging about a few things I’ve been thinking about lately, a mixture of things, so stew it is. If… Continue reading Grab a spoon and a hunk of bread!