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Virtual reality and other facts of life

It's a soup day, a collection of thoughts, but only one about writing. For most of my life, so far, I lived in Indiana where winters are cold. Really cold. Now I live in California and I've been here long enough to acclimate, so the mercury doesn’t have  to drop too low to make me… Continue reading Virtual reality and other facts of life

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When the time is right

You never know what you’ll find when you clean house. I have now made it most of the way around my “workroom.” This is where I write, do genealogy research, make jewelry, draw, and do whatever else requires a big table or a computer. Every inch of this room is occupied. Also in this room… Continue reading When the time is right

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Your character did WHAT?!

Not so long ago, I confessed that I’d rushed and ended my novel before it was finished. Then I went back to work and filled in the missing pieces. And yet … I later commented that I had a nagging feeling that something I’d written did not ring true for one of my characters. Finally—two… Continue reading Your character did WHAT?!

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How blogging changed my life!

Yes, that is a dramatic post title, but it’s true. Blogging has changed my life. We’ve all heard the stereotype of the writer as loner, hermit even, and it’s true that the actual writing is a lone process, but certainly not all writers are loners. I am. I had read blogs (mostly political), and even… Continue reading How blogging changed my life!