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No, no … that’s the old me

Yes, I know, I’ve told you many tales of my life as a hermit. I’ve revealed my social awkwardness, my reluctance to venture into public places, my preference for a virtual life. Just two posts ago, I expressed the belief I’m not confident enough for Twitter. Well, that was just … um … an act.… Continue reading No, no … that’s the old me

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Virtual reality and other facts of life

It's a soup day, a collection of thoughts, but only one about writing. For most of my life, so far, I lived in Indiana where winters are cold. Really cold. Now I live in California and I've been here long enough to acclimate, so the mercury doesn’t have  to drop too low to make me… Continue reading Virtual reality and other facts of life

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World Enough and Time

I confess to being a poor time manager. When I started writing "full-time" eight months ago, I was in the midst of jewelry making and genealogy research … oh yes, and redecorating one of my bathrooms. All those projects are exactly where I left them. But here's the thing: progress on my novel is now… Continue reading World Enough and Time