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What did I learn during one week without writing?

With my youngest son home for a visit, I didn’t expect to get much, if any, writing done. So I was not surprised that all I wrote was two blog posts and two more paragraphs in the first chapter of a new novel. I watched a lot of television, ate too much food, and survived our first 108° day of the season.

What else did I do? Well, there was some family stuff: a birthday party, a Wii challenge, and a concert where another of my sons played trumpet (magnificently, of course!), but I learned a few fascinating things too.

  • Among the 18 and over crowd around here, hookah lounges are the big thing. Why does no one tell me these things? And how far over 18 can you be?
  • On the same day the temp in the valley was 108°, it was only 66° on the beach less than three hours away! Not that I was at the coast.
  • I can’t pronounce the phrase Warp Tour without a pause between the two words. My mouth just won’t cooperate, though I can say it with a Texas(?) accent—Wurp Tur.
  • One event you might see at said Warp Tour is something called the Wall of Death, where the male concert goers separate, backing up on either side of a wide path down the middle and then, at a signal from the band, rush at each other shoving, stomping, fist flying, whatever. It’s bizarre behavior to me, but then so is war.
  • You can see something like the WoD—on a miniature scale—in the new Twilight movie, which I was coerced into attending. I’ve read none of the books, nor have I seen either of the previous movies … but in case you’re wondering, I would choose Jacob.
  • The next Harry Potter movie will be in two parts—but I’m sure you knew that already. The trailer looks great!
  • According to the frequency with which I had to ask younger family members to repeat themselves this week, it appears I’m losing my hearing. I blame it on my husband who now turns up the sound on the television to 25! See what I get for trying to spend time with him?

However, the most important thing I learned this week of essentially no writing is that I could actually do that—no problem. That disturbs me. My life returns to normal tomorrow, and I’m a bit anxious to see what happens then. Maybe I should run over to the Lebanese deli and buy a hookah.

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