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Down, but not out …. and a giveaway!

When most writers disappear from their blogs for a week, or more, it’s because they’re busy with some aspect of writing. Not so for me this past week. My WIP has progressed only a bit since I last posted. Even worse, I accidentally deleted two pages of what I’d written the week before. I can’t explain how I executed that maneuver (seriously, I can’t), but I’d saved the file before I realized they were gone. Then, when I rewrote those pages, I discovered I couldn’t recall the original dialogue. Apparently, my characters refuse to repeat themselves.

My energy level took a nosedive this past week, which means brain fuzz too, so I hope that explains the numerous long periods of staring at open files, only to close them unchanged. I couldn’t even keep up my end of several ongoing games of Words with Friends. Not that I’ll use my brain fuzz as an excuse when they all beat me.

At least I can point to past writing—or rather fellow writer Heather Simone can, and did, on her blog Adventures in Writerland. She cited The Brevity of Roses as one of her two picks for the INDIEpendance Day celebration. INDIEpendance Day is all about giving a shout out to “outstanding indie works”, so Heather has greatly honored me. PLUS, she’s giving away copies of both books she chose, so go visit her blog to learn more about it. And if you’re a Goodreader, won’t you please take a moment to vote for The Brevity of Roses on the Indelibles’ “A Celebration of Indie Authors” list?

May all my American readers have a happy and safe Fourth of July. And for you all, may this be the start of a fabulous week!