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Silencing the voices

I’m used to dealing with my inner editor and critic’s voices, but now that I’m pressed to get busy writing my next book, I’ve discovered a new voice—the marketer’s . It told me to consider my publishing “brand.” What sort of book would readers expect from me? That new voice wrapped up my muse like… Continue reading Silencing the voices

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Ooo … ooo … I know this one!

Let’s play a little game, shall we? Linda: I’ll take felicitous discoveries for a thousand. Alex: I do have writing talent. Linda? Linda: What is … What did I discover while editing? Alex: Correct! If you’ve been around this blog for a while, you know I suffer from a lack of confidence in my writing… Continue reading Ooo … ooo … I know this one!

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Are you in the wrong house?

I had started writing a post on a completely different topic for today, but last night I had a dream. Yesterday, I confessed to someone that my faith in my writing ability has waned. In my dream, a person in my life who is hypercritical of me said something that hurt my feelings. I hid… Continue reading Are you in the wrong house?