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Note to self: You ain’t writing literature!

This past week, I reached the dark woods, otherwise known as the dreaded middle of a novel in progress. I stumbled a bit. Suddenly, I hated my book. The writing seemed pedestrian. The language was too simple, the syntax too straightforward. This won’t do, I thought, I should start over and write like a real… Continue reading Note to self: You ain’t writing literature!

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Best laid plans vs. vacation

I've been too busy with two little charmers to write a new post, so today I'm serving up a re-post from one year ago. It's a topic of continued relevance to me and, I hope, of some interest to you. I apologize up front because I might step on some toes today. Just know that… Continue reading Best laid plans vs. vacation

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Are you a generous writer?

I’ve been reading more of John Gardner’s On Becoming a Novelist and I’d like to share some quotes on generous and ungenerous writers. In the best fiction, plot is not a series of surprises but an increasingly moving series of recognitions, or moments of understanding. Gardner calls this generous fiction. Here is his definition of… Continue reading Are you a generous writer?

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Blue toes and good writing

I apologize up front because I might step on some toes today. Just know that mine are black and blue too. I am in editing mode—again—and I’ve recently discovered John Gardner’s book On Becoming A Novelist. I shared a passage from that last week and will share another below. Gardner has been stomping all over… Continue reading Blue toes and good writing