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Me, me, me … is that all I can talk about?

For the most part, the answer to that question is: YES … as wrong as that may be. Recently, I read an article on how to have a successful blog. Close to the top of that list—maybe it was #1—was “Don’t talk about yourself.” I nearly deleted my blog that instant. And then I started to protest.

I started this blog as a way to record my writer’s journey. Along the way, you all started showing up to make this road a little less lonely. (Why yes, that is alliteration.) As more of you stepped onto my path, I began to worry that I should lead you on a more scenic route or, at least, provide elegant picnics in the shade. But on this journey, I can really only share what I know, what I experience, what I hope for. That’s all I have with me.

Sure, I point you to books and other blogs I hope you’ll enjoy and maybe learn something from, but  mostly, I just keep on down my path, talking about me. Which, if you knew me in real life, would be sort of funny. Up till now, I’ve pretty much focused on everyone but me. The problem was, during all those years, I let a lot of clutter build up in my mind. Now I’m clearing it out by writing. And thinking, learning, and talking about writing.

So, I’m sorry, this is a selfish blog. It’s just all about me and my journey, but I totally, completely, absolutely love and appreciate when you fall into step and walk beside me a ways.

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