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Kasie West is my hero!

Last night, I had the thrill of attending a book signing at my local Barnes & Noble. This was no ordinary signing. The event marked the first sell date of Kasie West’s debut novel Pivot Point. The place was packed. They sold out all the copies in stock and took orders for more. I've known… Continue reading Kasie West is my hero!

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Versatile and irresistibly sweet?

My email inbox is an abyss. If I don’t respond immediately, I’m likely to either think that I did, or forget I ever received the email. Two months ago Kate Cardon Parish awarded this blog the Versatile Blogger Award. Her email arrived during the comment blitz after WordPress Freshly Pressed one of my posts and… Continue reading Versatile and irresistibly sweet?

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It’s not as easy as I thought!

“Dear God, think before you speak next time.” That’s the advice a friend gives my main character in The Brevity of Roses. I wish I’d done that before I promised to share my favorite passages of that novel with you. I quickly discovered that’s not an easy task. I love too many of them, but… Continue reading It’s not as easy as I thought!

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News flash … author missing!

That author is me. I’m not here today because fellow author Kasie West has me chained up at her blog while she interrogates me. I find her dimples so intimidating, there’s no telling what she might get me to say. Don’t worry, she’ll be nice to you. In fact, she’s giving away an autographed print… Continue reading News flash … author missing!


Mind Puke

Here I sit, speechless … or would that be textless? My mind is blank. Or rather, not blank, but stuffed so full, I can’t sort out a thought without pulling a dozen more with it. I think I’m going to just settle for one of those stream-of-consciousness posts that Judy and Tricia tried, but I’ll… Continue reading Mind Puke