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Exciting news about my next book!

I’ve posted about writing a romantic comedy for over a year now. I tracked its progress in word count in my sidebar under the working title Tea. Now it’s time to share the real title and the cover with you. As you can see, it’s titled High Tea & Flip Flops. The title refers to the snarky nicknames the two main characters secretly give each other.

tea_front_postRomantic comedy is a new genre for me, so I decided to try something new in publishing. I submitted High Tea & Flip Flops to the Kindle Scout program, and it was accepted. Kindle Scout is a new “reader-powered” publishing venture by Amazon, which means readers help decide if a book gets published. How? By nomination. And the great thing is that if you nominate my book and Amazon publishes it, you’ll get a free Kindle copy!

At the Kindle Scout site, I’ll have a campaign page for 30 days. Displayed on that page is the cover image, a short description of the story, an excerpt, my bio, and a brief Q&A. Also you’ll see that all-important Nominate Me button.

I hope you’ll support my campaign—it costs you nothing! Don’t wait to nominate High Tea & Flip Flops. Please help it hit the Hot & Trending list and stay there! Here’s how you can help:

  • Step One: please go to my campaign page and click the blue “nominate me” button.
  • Step Two: please spread the word to all your friends who might like to see High Tea & Flip Flops published.
  • Step Three: please watch for my announcement and reminders on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus and share them with your followers and friends. The campaign lasts for 30 days, so periodically I’ll post reminders to nominate High Tea & Flip Flops.

As you may know, I have a minuscule budget for marketing. This is my best chance to not only receive a small advance ($1500) but to get a promotional boost from Amazon. Amazon! This Kindle Scout campaign means a lot to me, so I’m sure you can imagine I’m very excited about it.

Here’s the link to my campaign page:

Thank you!!!


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Oh yeah … I have another published novel!

AIT_page_frontI left something out of my last post. Another thing I’ll be doing during my months’ vacation from writing is promoting my latest novel, An Illusion of Trust (The Sequel to The Brevity of Roses.) The ebook is now available on Amazon and the print version will join it in a few days.

Here’s the description:

In this sequel to The Brevity of Roses, Renee Vaziri discovers that even when your dreams come true your nightmares remain.

When Renee Marshall locked the door on her dark past and married Jalal Vaziri, she hoped for a quiet life in a California coastal town. Now, with a sexy, adoring, wealthy husband, one beautiful child and another on the way, she dares to believe happily ever after could be her future. But doors don’t always stay locked. As the stress of living in Jalal’s high-society world increases, the traumas of Renee’s past begin to poison the present and threaten to destroy everything she treasures.

Is it her imagination or is Jalal keeping a secret that will end their marriage and rip her children from her life? And could it involve Diane, the woman who reminds Renee too much of Jalal’s beloved first wife?

Want to know more about the book? Go to my An Illusion of Trust page. Or you can read a sizeable preview at Amazon.

Remember, you don’t need a Kindle to read a Kindle book. You can get a free app for your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. And if you think you couldn’t possibly read a book on your phone, try it. I did, before I got my first Kindle, and after a few pages I forgot I was reading on a small screen.

Bonus: The Brevity of Roses ebook will be free for two days on Amazon on Wednesday and Thursday this week (March 28 & 29). If you haven’t read it yet, mark your calendar. This will be your last chance to get it free.

So, if you’re looking for something new to read, check out An Illusion of Trust. And I hope you’ll help me spread the word by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or wherever else you hang online. Oh, and feel free to spread the word the old-fashioned way too. Thank you. 🙂


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How do you use your reading device?

The topic of this post came to me as a question while responding to a comment on my last post. I confess, I rarely learn all the functions of my electronic devices, and sometimes, even when I know about them, I forget to use them. It doesn’t help that most of these devices no longer come with print manuals. Having to access an online manual annoys me.

Anyway, the electronic device in question today is the e-reader. I have a Kindle, a Kindle 3 to be exact, the one with the old-fashioned button keyboard. I’ve used it for almost two years, but I’ve not used it fully. I know how to open and page through a book, of course. I’ve tried the read-to-me feature, but the robotic voice drives me nuts.  I even know how to send documents to my Kindle by email.  But there are other features I’ve never used.

I’ve used the Menu button mainly to access the Wireless function and the “Go to” function, but only to go to the beginning or end of the book. I have never used: Search This Document, Add Bookmark, Add Note or Highlight, etc. Until two days ago, I didn’t even realize the progress bar that appears at the bottom of the screen as you read shows tick marks indicating chapter beginnings. And then I found out you can skip forward and backward through these chapters by clicking.

Yeah, I’m an electronic doofus.

The thing is, I read e-books differently than I do print books. I prefer the print version of reference books and books I will likely read more than once—like those of my favorite authors. Those are the books I add bookmarks or notes and highlights to. I use my e-reader mostly for easy, quickly read fiction. I don’t believe publishers will cease printing books in my lifetime, though I do expect to see a steady increase in books published in digital format only.

Now, here’s my question—rather, series of questions—for e-reader users. How do you use your e-reader? Do you use all its features? Do you add notes and highlights the way you do in print books? Of the books you’ve read in the last year, what percentage were digital? Do you read all types of books on your reader or do you prefer to read certain books in print? If you’d like to answer an e-reader question I didn’t ask, have at it.

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To TOC or not to TOC

Open any printed novel on your physical book shelf and tell me if it has a table of contents. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Does it? Probably not. Now open a novel on your digital reading device. Does that have a TOC? Does it consist of nothing but a list of numbers? Is that helpful to you?

I have never referred to a TOC in a digital novel. Not once. As I read, I barely notice the chapter numbers. If I’m reading a good book, I may not even be aware when I progress to a new chapter, so I certainly couldn’t go to the table of contents to find my place the next time I pick up my Kindle. Fortunately, my Kindle opens to the point where I left off. It also has a bookmark function, and a “Sync to Furthest Page Read” function.

I understand a TOC in non-fiction book because usually those chapters have titles, or at least subtitles. I do find those helpful. I even understand a TOC in a novel when each chapter has a descriptive name or subtitle—though I doubt I would ever refer to it anyway. But what is the purpose of a TOC in a novel when the chapter headings are numbers only—no subtitles? Apparently, I’m missing the point. Someone enlighten me, please.

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Step, step, step … the novel progresses

I need to make a list of the steps left to get my next novel ready to go. Otherwise, I’ll run helter-skelter and accomplish nothing. Writing the first draft was, of course, the first step. Editing and revision will be the next several steps. I think—hope—I learned a bit writing the first novel, so there won’t be as much work to do this time.

I have my previous task list here somewhere. On my hard drive. Somewhere. I have a gazillion files for The Brevity of Roses. I’m great at creating files, but lazy sorting them logically into folders. So, yeah. That task list is here … somewhere.

During the past ten days, I finished the second and then the third draft of my new novel [Insert Title] and sent it to my alpha reader. Now, I wait to see how much revision she advises. I’m hoping she sends me the perfect title along with her feedback. Or maybe I already have one. I keep adding possible titles to my list. None have really taken my breath away, but my husband has already cast his vote. Though I suspect that’s just because he knows how indecisive I am, and he’s trying to move me along.

One editing tool I’m using this time is my Kindle. Three times during editing of my first novel, my husband printed the manuscript at work, but now he’s retired, so instead of printing I upload it to my Kindle. I read a chapter at a time, with my manuscript loaded in Word, and edit directly. I do miss marking up the actual pages, but the “distance” created by reading on the Kindle makes poor syntax, typos, punctuation and other errors jump out just as printouts did.

Last night, I started reading my manuscript straight through on my Kindle. I didn’t even make it past the first paragraph before I reached for paper and pen. I don’t know why I never heard it before, but when I read that paragraph last night, the duh-duh-duh-duh-duh rhythm of the first four sentences made me cringe. So I noted the need to mix up the sentence beats to add some music to that opening.

“So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.”

Have a wonderful week. Maybe I’ll even find time to comment on some of your blogs … don’t faint.