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E-book lending libraries—the good?

This is the first of a two-part article on e-book lending. Today I’ll state my opinion of the good side, so I guess you can figure what part two will cover. I’ve known for a while about the Overdrive lending system, which works through the brick and mortar library systems throughout the country. My book is not available through that system—at least, not yet—but I recently discovered that it is available through at least some online e-libraries.

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Welcome to the Jumble

In other words, welcome to the inside of my head. (That reads as a total non sequitur if you didn’t read the title of this post.) Anyway, I’m blogging today about a few little things rolling around in my mind. Yesterday, I downloaded my first library book to my Kindle. It was almost

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Is that a REAL book you’re reading?

In Christi Craig’s recent post she spoke of Sherman Alexie’s misgivings about electronic books and mentioned her college library with a spiral staircase descending through levels of old books. That was my inspiration for this post. I don’t own a Kindle, or any other electronic book reader. Yes, I think they look cool. And yes,… Continue reading Is that a REAL book you’re reading?