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Once more down that editing road

Thank you all for wishing me well on my indie-publishing venture. This being my blog, you’ll be subject to reading about my failures and successes as I learn how to turn a manuscript into a real, honest to goodness book. I’ll try not to bore you with too many details, and I’ll ramble about other… Continue reading Once more down that editing road

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Go ahead, laugh if you want to

Today, I’m giving you valuable writing advice. It’s not original. I’d read it more than once online and off. I also ignored it. The tip was this: When you think you’ve cleaned up your manuscript as best you can—think again. Put it away, preferably for months, then read it through one more time. As I… Continue reading Go ahead, laugh if you want to

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How to stress over an agent request

Today, I thought I’d write an educational post by letting you in on my process of sending off a full manuscript. As I said in my previous post, when I received an agent’s recent email, I was too sick to do anything about it. But in all those hours staggering from bed or sofa to… Continue reading How to stress over an agent request

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Escape from the Virulent Virus

I had planned to work on a real post yesterday, my first day back in solitude, but instead I was laid low by a stomach virus. It all started with a four-year-old vomiting all night Friday. Then the bug hit his father on Saturday morning. They flew home at noon (still sick) and within an… Continue reading Escape from the Virulent Virus