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Inspired, but ignorant

I had planned to write today's post on a completely different topic, but yesterday I took a break from reading to watch a movie, and it's still on my mind. Recently, I looked at my Netflix queue and saw it had grown to almost 300 movies. If you knew how infrequently I sit down to… Continue reading Inspired, but ignorant

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Paranormal activity?

Yesterday, I went to see the movie Paranormal Activity. I had the best time possible while being terrorized—and eating Junior Mints! I have never experienced such tension. It took me ten minutes, after the movie ended, to get my breathing back to normal and longer than that before my muscles completely relaxed. (For you movie… Continue reading Paranormal activity?

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Here be heaven

Last night I watched a movie that made me cry. The movie was Songcatcher, about a musicologist who visits her schoolteacher sister “up the mountain” in Appalachia and falls in love with the people and their music. I am a descendant of Scots-Irish immigrants who, long before the American Revolution, settled in the Appalachian Mountains… Continue reading Here be heaven