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Unmasking the Muse

I’ve been pondering the nature of the Muse lately. (Give me credit for not saying musing about the Muse.) If I took the time to search my old blog posts, I'm fairly certain I'd find I’m contradicting myself today, so let’s just say my concept of the Muse has changed. Evolved. I haven’t always been… Continue reading Unmasking the Muse

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A Tuesday Morning Magical Experience

A couple mornings ago, some words popped into my head while I pruned spent roses. I rolled the words around on my mental tongue and realized I had a pretty good opening line, but no other lines came to me as I worked. When I came back inside, I sat down to research my next… Continue reading A Tuesday Morning Magical Experience

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What is this thing we call writing?

Since I don’t watch a lot of TV, I missed the debut season of the series LOST, even though two of my sons had independently mentioned they thought I would like the show. So, right before the second season started, I loaded up our Netflix list and my husband and I watched the whole season… Continue reading What is this thing we call writing?

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Warrior Woman

What a difference a week makes. This time last week, I had sunk the lowest I ever have in discouragement over my writing. Then a river of encouragement lifted me up and carried me away from that dark place. Since I blogged about that, I feel an update is in order. So, yeah … I… Continue reading Warrior Woman

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Beware the Blue Muse

Do you think this Blue Muse is pretty? Pretty poison is more like it. Some of you have read this blog since the beginning, and though I’ve tried to keep my posts in the vein of positive affirmations, I’ve also let through a post or two written after I crashed with “post-critique syndrome.” As most… Continue reading Beware the Blue Muse