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Wrapping up November

Please excuse that my last post has been up for almost four full days. I’ve been busy. Congratulations to those of you who met your NaNoWriMo goals. It’s no surprise that I did not make my NaHoCleMo goal. As I soon realized that 5,000 minutes was akin to setting the NaNoWriMo goal to 100,000 words,… Continue reading Wrapping up November

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Since you’re all busy anyway …

What with Thanksgiving for most of you and NaNoWriMo for some, I figure not many of you will read this anyway, so I’ll indulge in a post of little consequence. While cleaning a cupboard for NaHoCleMo, I found a box of old Polaroid photos that I had set aside to scan to disk. In my… Continue reading Since you’re all busy anyway …

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Free prose day!

Today's post doesn't really have much to do with writing, though I’m calling it free prose. That's not the same as stream of consciousness; I would never subject you to that. I grow roses … well, for the most part this last year, I neglected roses, but still they bloomed. Yesterday I cut a few. I… Continue reading Free prose day!

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NaHoCleMo … what?!

In my last post, about National Novel Writing Month, I said I have no problem writing every day, or almost every day. My problem is the opposite. I can’t make myself quit writing long enough to do the house cleaning I should do. My friend Kasie suggested a better goal for us would be to… Continue reading NaHoCleMo … what?!