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For years, I have had a recurring nightmare that I am alone in a room with demonic spirits. I am terrified and trying to exorcize them by saying “In the name of Jesus!” My voice increases in pitch until I am screaming the words. Eventually, I “scream” so loudly that I wake my husband who in turn wakes me. But in the early hours of Christmas Day, this nightmare changed.

This time the room was larger, more open, possibly a series of rooms arranged around an atrium and the spirits appeared to be human. I was not afraid, but came to each one and recited the words. They “received” the words with either a smile or a glare, but it did not seem to matter which, only that I needed to say it to each one.

Although I have a fundamental Christian background, I do not interpret this as a religious dream. This is a dream about power. Personal empowerment. And I believe it appropriate for the ending of one year and the beginning of the next. It bodes well for my future.