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Is Big Brother watching my blog?

Several days ago, I checked my StatCounter page and saw that someone from The Department of Homeland Security had visited my blog. My heart skipped a beat … or ten. Incidents like that flip my paranoia switch to eleven.

During the time I did research to write The Brevity of Roses, I checked out so many Farsi language forums, and websites and library books on Iranian history, life, and customs I feared the FBI or CIA had their eye on me, but why now?

I think I know the answer. In July, I published a post where I contemplated whether the love scenes in Brevity should have been more explicit. I used the word sex in the post and ever since then my blog has received far more than the usual number of hits from Middle Eastern IPs—and so has that particular post. After I noticed those anomalies, I checked each time a hit came from somewhere in the Middle East and verified that 90% of the time the suspect post was its destination.

Did the DHS note that unusual activity and flag my blog for investigation?  If so, I hope they were satisfied that I’m just a harmless little old lady writing fiction. Speaking of fiction, do you think I could get a story out of this?