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A Year’s Worth of Writing

Have you reviewed your writing progress in 2010? In this and another post or two in the next two weeks, Ill take a look back at the highlights of mine. When I looked back at all the posts for this year, I was surprised at how many twists and turns I took. At the beginning… Continue reading A Year’s Worth of Writing

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Without a platform to stand on …

In a recent blog post, Kirsten Lesko wrote about platform. She said, in part, that she learned at a recent conference that writers should spend 50% of their time building a platform. My first thought was this does not really apply to fiction writers. Then yesterday, I read this post by editor Helen Ginger in… Continue reading Without a platform to stand on …

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Grab a spoon and a hunk of bread!

Today I’m serving up another Sunday Stew, which I guess is a strange dish for Sunday … at least the way I was raised. We always had a nice big Sunday dinner. But today I’m just blogging about a few things I’ve been thinking about lately, a mixture of things, so stew it is. If… Continue reading Grab a spoon and a hunk of bread!