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Ray Bradbury wrote this just for me!

If you’re a writer, I’m sure you’ve heard the terms plotter and pantser. For the non-writers: those terms refer to opposites in how much a writer prepares before he begins a work. Pantser comes from an aviation saying, “Fly by the seat of his pants.” meaning to fly on instinct alone, without instruments. (Finally looked that up.)

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Writing out the darkness

I’m still reading my completed novel with red pen in hand. This is the last time—until an agent or editor asks for changes. And yes, I said that before, but this time I mean it. It’s past time to move on to the next novel. I’ve been plotting the new one in my head for… Continue reading Writing out the darkness

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Story or character, which weighs more?

In previous posts, I’ve told you about the beta-readers who praised my work, but now I’m going to come clean. One writer, though complimentary on my writing skills, did not think my story was successful. I respected his opinion, and certainly appreciated the time he spent reading my manuscript and writing his critique, but I… Continue reading Story or character, which weighs more?

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What if I have an ugly baby and don’t know it?

How can you edit a book you love? My critique partners will attest to my ability to be a nitpicky line editor, so I have no problem doing the same with my own writing. What I’m having a problem with is looking at the plot objectively. I wrote this story. I like this story. Correction:… Continue reading What if I have an ugly baby and don’t know it?

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The Writing on the … Mirror

When my husband changed clothes after work the other night, he walked out of the bedroom and asked, "Why do you have 'eyes' and 'whole world' written on the bathroom mirror? The answer, of course, was simple. A great line had come to me while I showered, so I had written those words with eyeliner as a reminder!… Continue reading The Writing on the … Mirror