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I ain’t no Pollyanna

This is my third attempt to write a new blog post. I produced grumpy posts from the first two topics. So, instead, I’ll talk about my recent decision to change my negative attitudes. I’ve discovered it’s not easy to become more positive. I hear myself saying or thinking negatively and correct it like an echo of Willy Wonka: “Strike that. Reverse it.”

Apparently, I’m naturally a gloomy person. I was born at twilight; I wonder if that’s the reason. I’ve always been attracted to the dark tales. It shouldn’t surprise me that it’s hard for me to maintain a constant sunny outlook. My husband has pointed out for many years that I instantly think of the worst scenario in any situation.

Of course, I always protest his assessment. The fact is, I laugh a lot. And I may have an odd sense of humor, but I do have one—though I don’t have the knack of translating that well into words.

I look over the stories I hope to publish soon and see deaths, divorces, murders, childhood terrors, a rape, the loss of hope. Yet, the first novel I published is a love story?! What’s that about? My light and dark sides fight it out. Thankfully, my dark side is content to be fulfilled through fiction—and occasional blog posts.

I think I’ll go mix up a batch of brownies and then sit in the sun while they bake. Maybe I’ll come up with a sweet, happy story to write. Well … maybe not that sweet. Or happy. *sigh*