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Fitting the Pieces Together

After my father’s sudden death four years ago, my mother spent nearly every waking moment working jigsaw puzzles. For more than a year, she sat sorting, moving, fitting piece after piece to create the final picture. Hour upon hour. Like a Buddhist monk creating a sand mandala. As soon as she fit the last piece… Continue reading Fitting the Pieces Together

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Perhaps I am a loaf of bread

"I am raining down in pieces. I am scattering like light." That quote is from Suzanne Vega’s song “Small Blue Thing” which I rediscovered while sorting my CDs. And it perfectly describes my current state of mind. I don’t seem to be able to concentrate on anything. The least thing distracts me. I am scattered… Continue reading Perhaps I am a loaf of bread

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Writing in my sleep

I woke up this morning with the vague sense that I had never gone to sleep. I believe I wrote all night long. Every time I roused to roll over, I realized I was looking at words forming on my computer screen. I pulled up Word first thing this morning, just to make sure I… Continue reading Writing in my sleep