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An Author by Any Other Name

When is it worth publishing under a pen name? That’s what I’m asking myself this week. Soon I’ll have two novels published under the women’s fiction category and one under romantic comedy, but my next novel is neither. If I published under a pseudonym, I’d proclaim authorship on this blog with a dedicated page and… Continue reading An Author by Any Other Name

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Sanctioned Daydreaming

Whether you're reading fiction or writing it, what you're actually doing is daydreaming. I've always been a daydreamer. Fortunately, I was smart in school and very competitive, so I got my work done fast before letting my mind wander. I also had artistic talent, so I was allowed extra time to create. And though neither… Continue reading Sanctioned Daydreaming

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Why I Don’t Want to Be a Professional Writer

Earlier this month I blogged that "I need to focus on what I CAN do, who I CAN be, and … that means I must STOP comparing myself to other writers." Today I'm going to expand on that. For a while now, I've wondered why I've been so frustrated and discouraged since I published my first… Continue reading Why I Don’t Want to Be a Professional Writer